Our Story

Tradition Of Family Farming

When we founded Living Water Gardens in 1989, the concept of “local” or “organic” or “farm to table” didn’t exist. Our vision wasn’t nearly so marketing driven. We came from a 100-year tradition of farming: livestock, grains and then fruits and vegetables.
We are located nearly 100 miles south of the Twin Cities on the outskirts of Wells, Minnesota. Our farm consists of over approximately 7,000 tomato plants in addition to other produce, such as peppers, cucumbers, and herbs.

We carefully manage the entire process, from seed, to small plant, to ripe fruit, and to final delivery to local points of sale in Southern Minnesota and the Metro Area. We remain committed to growing healthy food without contaminants and pesticides and we still pick when ripe and deliver within 24-hours.

Our growing season is from late March to early December. You are welcome to visit us then and see how we grow our produce and buy some fresh off the plants. In the off-season, we close up our facility but we are still here working, cleaning and planting for next year’s season.

We wanted to produce high quality, home grown, clean tomatoes for ourselves and our local community. We also wanted to grow a strong family and see our three daughters become women of integrity. Over the years, we have been blessed to see the fruits of our labor.

Our daughters, Emily, Ellen and Laura grew up on the farm and helped us build and care for each greenhouse from day one until they were also grown. Emily is a recent graduate of Harvard, Ellen is a computer scientist at Stanford University and Laura is a resident Doctor of Orthopedics. We are so proud of the strong, independent women they have become even if they are no longer farmers. Now it’s our grandchildren who help grandpa and grandma on the farm when they visit. A new generation and a new opportunity for growth.