How We Grow

Completely natural with a conscience to enhance our environment

Our produce is hydroponically grown

The word hydroponic means water loving. After our water is tested, we add high quality nutrients in a perfect balance that the plants require to produce high quality nutritious vegetables and fruits. This is why our produce has such a “rich full flavor.”

Following the hydroponic method, we begin by planting tomato seeds into a material called rockwool, rather than soil, where the seeds germinate in about 3 days. Rockwool is a fibrous material that supports the roots, provides plenty of oxygen for the plant, and decreases the spread of disease and allows us to have tight soil control. This is very important for disease prevention.

We then transplant into our main media substrate perlite, an expanded rock product that is recyclable and has the same useful properties as rockwool. We re-use our planting resources, including rockwool, clips, boxes, (i.e. just about everything!), for many planting seasons to reduce environmental waste.

As the tomato plants grow, they are transplanted from the nursery to the greenhouses where the ideal temperature is kept between 70 and 80 degrees. The tomato plants are grown on a single-string trellis system. Once the tomato plants begin growing rapidly they are raised, leaned, and lowered which allows for the plants to always be at a “working height”. Our tomato plants will grow up to a height of 25 feet before the season ends and we start a new crop.

We plant in the early winter and start producing as early as March. At the end of each season our plants are removed and recycled into compost. We wash our greenhouses, let them rest a bit, and then begin a new season all over again.